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Impactful and vibrant training

  • You are organizing your next seminar

  • You want to strengthen the impact of your teams

  • You would like your collaborators to create more value

CRECI has been providing impactful and engaging training since its inception.


Our training combines concepts, techniques, and simulations to give participants the skills and confidence they need to succeed. We focus on real-world applications, so participants can put what they learn to use immediately.


Our training is tailored to the specific needs of your company and participants. We work with you to create a training plan that meets your goals. We believe in providing a return on investment, not just applause.


  • Are you witnessing a decline in performance?

  • Do you sense your organization is operating below par?

  • Are you eager to reenergize your Executive Committee?

In the face of shifting landscapes, evolving employee needs, and ever-growing client demands, it's imperative for the company to reevaluate its management strategies.

During such transformative phases, the inclination might be to veer away from one's roots, potentially leading to confusion and a loss of identity.

For CRECI, consulting means aiding the company in constructing a fortified and unified management approach capable of harmonizing its objectives, meeting client requirements, and fulfilling employee aspirations: Strive for evolution, not revolution...

Guiding the company in reaffirming its aspirations, ensuring operational excellence, and elevating team morale stands as our pledge and source of pride.



  • If you're in need of an assessment of your performance

  • If you're looking to rethink mandates

  • If you want to evaluate a candidate's suitability

  • ...

At CRECI, we understand that any inadequacy or decline in performance stems less from a lack of resources (power) or skills (knowledge) than from a deficit in motivation (will).

The audit aims to identify, within a company or a specific group, the factors that contribute to employee engagement and, consequently, effectiveness, as well as those that tend to erode the desire to succeed and the pleasure of working.

The audit seeks to comprehend the drivers of human performance: vision for the future, atmosphere and quality of relationships, communication/information, hierarchical relationships, mastery of the profession, work environment...


Through this diagnosis, the company will be equipped to anticipate inhibiting or counterproductive situations and consider solutions capable of optimizing its human capital: enhancing effectiveness through the involvement of its stakeholders.

Revealing and Performance-Driven Coaching

  • Do you want to conduct career assessments?

  • Do you want to create personalized coaching programs?

  • Do you want to multiply the personal impact of your employees?

The coaching offered by CRECI for many years corresponds to a very precise definition and methodology.

First, it is distinguished from consulting: consulting is about imposing a solution on the other person, asking them to implement a plan that is not their own, with the risk of making them fail.

Coaching, on the other hand, is about identifying the most relevant actions with the individual and enabling them to succeed in a way that respects who they are.

Coaching also differs from personal development, which aims to change the individual.

Coaching is not about changing: it is first and foremost about enabling the individual to achieve the goals that have been entrusted to them.

Coaching is not about transmitting a model, but about revealing the individual's own strengths with the goal of increasing efficiency.

This means that coaching is neither a fad nor a marketing product: it is a profession in its own right.


Customized educational creation

  • In need of a top-notch team-building experience?

  • Seeking a foundational event?

  • Aspiring to nurture a talent hub?

Beyond our team of 5 skilled graphic designers, who craft compelling materials, our hallmark lies in collaboratively creating the most impactful approach with you for each program. This ensures we deliver unparalleled experiential moments with enduring effects! Think board games, serious games, online platforms, business cases, training boxes... dynamic formats all geared towards enhancing your performance.

360° Performance feedback

Do you want to:

  • Develop your managers?

  • Measure your progress?

  • Get a mirror view of your performance?

We craft distinct, insightful, and engaging questionnaires to provide evaluators with a stimulating experience. Our face-to-face feedback sessions will help you understand yourself better and take action.


Experiential and inspiring e-learning

  • You are looking for an online skills development platform

  • You need a system that involves participants

  • You're looking for personal introspection

We come up with tailor-made solutions to meet your needs, using games, exercises, online experiments and other original formats to make learning fun, increase the desire to continue and get personally involved.

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