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general terms and conditions

ARTICLE 1 - Mission:

The mission is entrusted to CRECI Consultants to organize and facilitate interventions and/or training for the Client, as provided for in Articles L.6353-1 and following of the Labor Code, aimed at training and improving the skills of the staff. The nature of the interventions, whether in person or remote, is as follows: Managerial Audit - Motivational Management - Professional Transition - Skill Enhancement - Analysis - Design - Monitoring - Individual Coaching - Company Culture - Public Speaking - Sales Negotiation - Communication - Change Management - Quality Approach.

ARTICLE 2 - Educational Resources:

The educational resources implemented will be as follows: Facilitation: it will be conducted in person or remotely by employees, qualified experts from CRECI Consultants. Methods: theoretical teaching will be developed and supplemented by specific cases adapted to professional and daily life.

ARTICLE 3 – Accessibility Conditions for Persons with Disabilities:

If the learner is in a situation of disability, please inform CRECI at at the stage of validating this order so that we can provide appropriate support (analysis of the disability - feasibility of accommodation/compensation - support and follow-up), or if necessary, redirect the learner to organizations that allow for suitable reception and support.

ARTICLE 4 - General Conditions:

In general, CRECI Consultants' interventions will be carried out with the normal diligence, and CRECI Consultants cannot be held responsible for the consequences of an omission or misinterpretation of the training provided by specialists.

ARTICLE 5 - invoicing and payment:

The fees, as well as accommodation, travel expenses, and, in general, all additional costs, are invoiced at the end of each intervention. Invoices are payable by bank transfer or by check upon receipt. The daily rate is exclusively for global billing. In case of individual billing, our prices will be increased by 8% for administrative costs, based on the amount of the net fees on the invoice. As permitted by law, late payment penalties will be applied in case of non-compliance with the payment condition provided above.


Le montant hors taxes des honoraires de CRECI Consultants sera fixé en annexe à la convention définitive de prestation de service ou de formation.


ARTICLE 7 - Operations Not Covered by this Agreement:

Unless otherwise agreed, the following costs resulting from the implementation of the action as defined in Article 1 are excluded from the mission package:

  • Provision of meeting or training rooms

  • Costs of research and booking of these rooms

  • Provision of audio-visual equipment

  • Participant travel expenses

  • Provision of computer equipment

  • Accommodation and meals for participants.

These additional expense commitments, if made by CRECI Consultants, will be reimbursed by the client upon presentation of receipts for the expenses incurred, and are subject to VAT, without the need for prior approval from the member. Invoices relating to these additional commitments are payable immediately upon receipt, without discount. No exceptional expense may be incurred without the prior consent of the client.


ARTICLE 8 – Postponement – Cancellation:

Any request for intervention postponement made by the Client must be made by email with a request for confirmation of receipt to, at least 6 weeks before the intervention week. Within this period, any postponement will be considered as a cancellation and will be subject to a penalty as provided below.

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